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The Intelligent Transportation Society of New Jersey (ITSNJ) is a non-lobbying, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization of public, private, and academic sector organizations. ITSNJ's primary interest and focus is promoting the accelerated deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services (ITS) in New Jersey. ITSNJ is a State Chapter of ITS America, and provides ITS education and outreach to foster the understanding of ITS applications and technologies, as well as a forum for ITS interaction, discussion, professional networking, and information sharing.

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Visibility. Mobility. Being a member of ITSNJ means you are interested in pursuing, and furthering, the field of intelligent transportation. Companies, colleges and universities, and government and non-governmental agencies dedicated to advances in transportation logistics and communications share the goals and vision of a better world through intelligent transportation. Are you connected?

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ITS America

ITS New Jersey is part of ITS America, the only organization that brings together players from all the relevant sectors: state departments of transportation (DOTs); regional and local transportation and planning agencies; private companies providing ITS products, services and technology; auto manufacturers and suppliers; research organizations; academic institutions; and transportation associations.

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