The Intelligent Transportation Society of New Jersey (ITSNJ) has established a Scholarship Program to assist student(s) in their education. The scholarship program is directed towards undergraduate and graduate students in related majors with a stated interest in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), which includes three scholarships:

The goals of the ITSNJ Scholarship Program are to provide recipients with the opportunity to complete academic requirements and promote Intelligent Transportation Systems at our academic institutions.

Fall 2022 Applications are now available. Applications must be received by November 18, 2022.

Download Scholarship Packet and Instructions


2022 ITSNJ Scholarship Winners

Spring 2022 Scholarship Winners

Sean Healy (TCNJ), Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award


Xiao Chen (Rutgers), Outstanding Graduate Student Award



Di Kang (Rutgers), Outstanding Graduate Student Award


Deep Patel (Rowan), Student of the Industry Award


Ruqaya Alfaris (Rowan), The Future of ITSNJ Award


2021 ITSNJ Scholarship Winners

Fall 2021 Scholarship Winners

HKimHyun Kim (NJIT), Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award


DComeauDaniel Comeau (TCNJ), Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award


RMogheRyhan Moghe (Rutgers), Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award


Anjiang Chen (Rutgers), Outstanding Graduate Student Award


RAlfarisRuqaya Alfaris (Rowan University), Outstanding Graduate Student Award



LSoaresLaura Marques Soares (Rutgers), Outstanding Graduate Student Award



SHasanAhmed Sajid Hasan (Rowan University), Outstanding Graduate Student Award


Rutgers Team, The Future of ITSNJ Award
(Yizhou Wang, Tianya Zhang, Yi Ge, Anjian Chen)

Spring 2021 Scholarship Winners

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award – Deep Patel (Rowan University)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award – Parisa Hosseini (Rowan University)
  • Future of ITSNJ Award – Ahmed Sajid Hasan (Rowan University)

2020 ITSNJ Scholarship Winners

Spring 2020 Scholarship Winners

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award – Bryan Remache-Patino (TCNJ)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award – Yi Ge (Rutgers)
  • Future of ITSNJ Award – Parisa Hosseini (Rowan University)