ITSNJ Professional Award

The ITSNJ Professional category recognizes an individual who has advanced ITS in New Jersey.


UzoMangar2021 ITSNJ Professional Award Recipient
Uzo Mangar

Uzo has been involved with ITSNJ for six years which began in 2014. She was elected to the Executive Board of ITSNJ in 2015. Through her efforts VHB has sponsored numerous events including the ITSNJ Annual Meetings. She has always volunteered her time at both Executive Board meetings as well as the planning and staffing at ITSNJ Annual Meetings. Uzo received an ITSNJ Project of the Year Award in 2016 as a corecipient with the Port Authority of NY & NJ (PANYNJ).

Submitting a Nomination
  • Nominations are currently closed. Nominations will be open in summer 2022.
  • Submissions must include a Statement on how the individual meets the evaluation criteria and a Photo of Nominee
  • Submissions must not exceed five (5) pages
  • A resume may be submitted, but shall be included in the 5-page limit
Pictures of all winners may be displayed at the Annual Meeting.