Outstanding Project or Program Award

Each year a project or program employing or advancing ITS technologies is awarded. The winner could be a project or program related to an infrastructure investment, plans, research, management, or other significant innovation in the field of ITS. The project or program must have been substantially completed or published within the past five years.


2020 ITSNJ Outstanding Project:
Data Analytics Ecosystem
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, in partnership with Edgeline Analytics & MindHop

The Port Authority is undertaking a strategic program to equip its critical regional roadway network with traffic sensor devices which would transmit key data such as volume, lane occupancy and speed. This data is channeled through the Agency-wide Transportation Management Software (ATMS). The field sensor network at the Port Authority is integrated with the data warehouse known as the “Data Hub”. This Hub is part of Port Authority’s data analytics ecosystem, which powers more than 30 real-time and analysis dashboards providing key insights in the areas of traffic safety, asset maintenance, GIS mapping, traffic signals, congestion and regional mobility. A center piece of the data analytics platform is the Port Authority’s real-time dashboard, which provides a unique opportunity for operational and safety professionals to monitor and respond to any pattern that is outside of the typical data trends. This function greatly enhances real-time situational awareness and with the data platform enabling the Port Authority to inform regional transportation agencies of critical traffic trends, which has become especially important in this age of COVID-19. 

2020 ITSNJ Project Honorable Mention
Agency-wide Transportation Management Software Acquisition and Implementation
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, in partnership with Kapsch North America

The ATMS program provides an agency-wide unified platform to monitor and/or control transportation technology assets such as traffic surveillance cameras, dynamic message signs, vehicle detection stations, lane-use control signals, variable speed limit signs, traffic signals, and weather stations located at the Authority’s facilities. ATMS provides agency-wide situational awareness by collecting and distributing data regarding transportation system conditions and incidents at all facilities. View-only capability is provided to facilities and departments that do not control transportation technology assets, providing the situational awareness and information regarding conditions in the area. ATMS implementation has substantially been completed under the Engineering Department/Traffic Engineering’s lead, with the maintenance phase of the base contract currently being started.

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